3 Day Refresh Tips!

One of my favorite Beachbody products is the 3 Day Refresh! At least every other month, I spend 3 days with this program to REFRESH myself. I’ve learned I can do ANYTHING for 3 days when in the end I’ll feel lighter and like a million bucks! Usually, I end the 3 days 3-7lbs lighter! Bonus! I sleep better, feel more clear headed and have more energy, too.


Because I’ve done it so many times, I get asked all the time, “I’m so nervous! Do you have any tips?” — YES, yes I do! So, here are my top 5 tips for succeeding during the 3 Day Refresh!

  1. PLAN! Get out the book and decide what you’ll be using as your fruit, veggie and healthy fat options. BUT keep it SIMPLE! I typically eat the same things for 3 days.
  2. PREP! Pre-cut all your veggies for snacks and dinner and pre-portion all your meals. Pack your lunch box for work the night before and save time by pre-filling shaker bottles with water.
  3. Fiber Sweep! Add lemon juice, COLD water, shake and drink IMMEDIATELY! (If it sits, it gets thick and gross!)
  4. Tea! Drinking green tea when it’s in the schedule will keep you from getting hungry.
  5. Shakes! Add vanilla extract to your morning Shakeology and all the Vanilla Fresh shakes! Trust me! 😉


If you’d like to lose 2-8 pounds the HEALTHY way in just 3 days, I’d love to help you! Click here to set up your free profile so I can get you more information!

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