Search for My Missing Kitty….


This is NOT my kitten, Piper.


This is Panther, and she was given to me by a sweet young woman who thought she might be mine. Jake and I drove to Tennessee to pick her up last night because the woman that found her couldn’t bring her inside, and the temperatures are frigid. ❄ We were all worried.

Panther looks exactly like Piper and even has the same personality. The only difference are the white patches on her belly. (They’re both Russian Blues and exactly the same age.) ? This morning I took her to my vet, and it took about 10 seconds to get the owner’s information because she was MICROCHIPPED. ?

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1) Microchip your pets.

2) If you see a cat or dog loose outside (especially in this weather), don’t assume it will find its way home. Take it to a vet or shelter and have them at least scan for a microchip.

3) There are a ton of Facebook groups for lost/found pets. If you find a pet, DO NOT just keep it without attempting to find the owner.

The woman that found Panther had been feeding her and watching her outside for a WEEK before she found us through our search for Piper. It would have taken her 10 minutes to find out who she belonged to. ?

Panther gets to go home ? because she was chipped, and I took the time to check.

THIS is my Piper!


SO— if you know ANYONE in Madison, AL, PLEASE have them be on the lookout for my baby girl, Piper! My whole world is a lot sadder without her. ?

Offering a REWARD!


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