Love Yourself!

Can I be my own ‪crush on #‎womancrushwednesday‬ ? Well.. I’m gonna! 😉

I can’t even begin to tell you what it feels like to be CONFIDENT again. No, I’m not perfect. NO, my weight does not define me. {{ IN FACT– I weigh about the same in both of these pictures. SHOCKER right? }}

The difference? I found a group of people that supported and loved me when I barely supported and loved myself. I found products that worked for me, but most of all I found accountability within my team. I CHOSE to be STRONG rather than eating ALL the cupcakes.


I lost inches and insecurities.
I gained confidence and freedom.

I saw a random Facebook invitation to join an accountability group (like the ones I host every month), and just said “sure, why NOT me?!” I thank God every day for that post. It changed my life, my health and gave me an outlet for my passion for helping others!

If you’ve been wanting MORE, if you’re READY for MORE… please message me or like this post. I have an accountability group about to start, and it might just change your life like one changed mine. This is YOUR invitation.

Love yourself.

Apply HERE!

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