My Beachbody Business Story

[[ BIG NEWS ]]
I did something I am {{ SHOCKED }} I was able to do!

I LEFT my full time “big girl” job to be a FULL TIME BEACHBODY COACH!

I learned a LOT in college and working after I graduated, but my biggest lesson was — I want MORE. More FREEDOM. More happiness. More time with people (and pets) I love. ?

I never DISliked my work before, but alarm clocks ⏰, long commutes ? and little room for advancement without job hopping was disheartening.

I’ve been treated as the kid that’s too young to be good at her job. (Even with 3 college degrees) ?? I’ve been hired because I was a “cute girl,” and I’ve been told that if I couldn’t handle sexual harassment, I was in the wrong place. ?

At one point, the stress of my J-O-B and micromanager were literally making me break out in hives and affecting my health.
I’ve always dreamed of HELPING people. But that’s so hard to do from a cubicle. ?

I’m a dreamer. I believe others should DREAM too. ? I started coaching because I wanted a discount on a shake. ? Coaching then helped me pay off my student loan, buy an international plane ticket and afford to give my family Christmas gifts.

NOW, I get to turn off my alarms, work in my pjs and CONNECT with friends far and wide. ? I now surround myself with people that support and love me. I work with people that truly want me to SUCCEED. and I get to HELP people.

There are truly no words for how that feels!


If you’re curious about what I’m doing and if it could change YOUR life, APPLY HERE!

**Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity.

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