CONFIDENTLY love yourself!

*Transformation Tuesday*

It’s amazing what happens when you grow into someone that’s confident instead of insecure. Your whole world changes… Well mine did anyway. 😉

I can vividly remember the handful of times I’ve worn “real” shorts in public. Probably because there aren’t very many. 😂 Every time I was constantly pulling at them willing them to be just a liiiiitle bit longer or looser, and in the end I spent more time worrying about what others would think of how I looked in some outfit than focusing on how much FUN I should have been having with my friends.

I also remember the days of refusing to go out without “some” makeup and styling my hair. WHAT IF someone I knew saw me?! 😳

… So, this picture is my story. I had SO much fun at this dinner– IN SHORTS! I loved my outfit, and I LITERALLY rolled out of bed 10 minutes before going. 😎 My hair “style” is [ Katherine took a shower and then a 3 hour nap with wet hair ] then got dressed for dinner. 😂

I’ve lost some weight, yeah– but I’ve grown more as a person during my journey, made a ton of new friends (like Mindy!) and learned to CONFIDENTLY love myself. 💕

That’s priceless if you ask me!


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